Organizational Transformation & Change Management

Your organization needs to change either organically or intentionally to meet business demands. A widescale organizational transformation or a specific change management process depends on one critical factor – People! A successful change needs to bring people together to work better. Any organizational transformation and change management aims to boost orgnaizational culture or performance. Effectively managing the people side of change and transformation is the key to dramatically improve organizational culture and performance.

Change is not merely a constant in today’s business environment - it is becoming a more intense and frequent process. Your organization needs to evolve and scale to sustain high performance and distinguish itself from the competition. We are in an environment of economic unpredictability, globalization, and disruptive technology. All of these create the need for an effective change management process - and this is where Tuscan Consulting comes in.

Getting ahead of the curve

Organizations around the globe have been investing heavily in change management and related processes. Despite that,

  • 50% of the programs for change management do not achieve their objectives

  • 75% of the change management processes fail to meet more complex challenges

To be on that other side of those statistics organizations need something beyond the traditional approach.

How we can help:

Tuscan’s approach to the change management process helps your organization to:

Keep your people at the center of your change management process

We aim to help your organization have a clear vision of the change and a plan that empowers your people to execute as well as embrace the change. Transformation and change needs to reach from top of the organization to your frontline people who face and service your customers. We help you in assessing leadership and people, finding gaps, training and engaging people, drafting a communication strategy and implementing the change on the ground with your team.

Evaluate your organization’s level of readiness and risk for change

We assist organizations in conducting the necessary diagnostics and due diligence for human capital to ensure smooth transition of critical skills and performance during any change or restructure. We assist you in assessing your leadership and people capabilities. Our assessments help to determine the level of readiness and risk for your organization. This serves as the baseline for new projects, an audit to understand why past changes may not have worked.

Enhance the organization’s change capabilities

We will assist your organization in building the desired leadership capabilities and employee competencies to navigate the change. Our methodology helps you to develop and equip your teams with the skills and resources to manage changes across different degrees.

Enable you to transform from a transactional to an inspirational communications model

We will help you have the right communication for your project’s delivery model. One of the ways by which this would be done is to translate the critical and complex details into user-friendly and simple imagery. This helps to create communication that stimulates a conversation and helps to speed up transformation.

Delivering successful outcomes requires putting your people at the heart of change. This is what our change management approach helps you accomplish. To get that competitive advantage of getting nothing but the best for your people, reach out to us at Tuscan Consulting today.

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