Job Descriptions, Job Evaluation and Grading

Job Analysis & Job Descriptions

Tuscan Consulting helps clients develop consistent and high-quality job descriptions. We have experienced consultants trained to conduct job analysis and systematically gather information to produce job descriptions.

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Job analysis is a systematic process of gathering information to produce job descriptions. Job descriptions typically reflect responsibilities, skills & competencies required from the job holder. Job descriptions are an important tool for many HR areas including recruitment, job evaluation & grading, compensation management, performance management, organization design effectiveness, assessment, training and succession planning. Job descriptions must focus on the job and not the job holder. It may include a description of the context within which the job is carried out, and an analysis of the job in terms of the criteria used in a job evaluation method.

Job Evaluation & Grading

At Tuscan Consulting, we have the capability to deploy widely used job evaluation methods and grading techniques to help our clients create fair, consistent and robust grading structures.

Did you know?
Job evaluation is a systematic process for establishing the relative worth of jobs within an organisation. In other words, job evaluation is a process of quantifying jobs with a numerical score to compare them with each other withing an organization. Job evaluation scores are used to create a hierarchy of jobs called a grading structure with classes, levels or groups into which jobs of the same or similar value are grouped for remuneration purposes. Usually, all jobs in a grade have the same pay range: minimum, midpoint and maximum. However, sometimes different jobs in the same pay grade have different pay ranges, due to market conditions & job characteristics, for instance sales jobs.

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