HR Outsourcing Services

We provide partial or complete HR outsourcing solutions for organizations in different stages of growth. Whether you are a small to mid-sized organization looking to reduce operational costs by outsourcing your complete HR function, or whether you are a large organization looking to partially outsource HR services to focus on your core business, we have the right solutions to assist you.

HR Support for Small Businesses

  • Dedicated HR Services Partner
  • Telephonic & Onsite HR Support
  • HRMS Software
  • Legally Compliant Employment Contracts
  • HR Policies & Staff Handbook
  • Smart HR Toolkit
  • Payroll Processing

Benefits of outsourcing your HR Function to Tuscan Consulting

  • Save 60% on your HR costs and be legally compliant.
  • No setup cost and monthly rolling contracts.
  • Practical advice on managing any HR issues.
  • Professionally developed employment contracts and handbook.
  • All employee personal, leave and absence data in a single place.
  • A fully digital employee experience & enhanced employer brand.
  • A competent HR Team of HR Services Partners to feel your employees valued.

Our HR and payroll outsourcing services are particularly beneficial for start-ups, regional offices of multinationals, small businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Outsource your HR and payroll to us and focus on your core business. You will not have to worry about changes in labour laws. We will make your HR easy to manage, saving you time and money. Tuscan Consulting has an experienced HR team to provide professional HR & payroll support. We currently manage complete HR departments for reputed multinationals as well as government funded organizations. We have the capabilities to provide virtual support on day to day HR issues as well as dedicated onsite HR professionals to assist you in evaluating your HR programs and driving your HR strategy.

For medium and large sized businesses our broad range of outsourced HR services to select from:

Request our free resources and case studies from our happy HR & payroll outsourcing clients.

Why outsource your HR Function?

People are the most valuable asset for any organization. Thus the role played by Human Resources department is vital to the success of any organization. Most small to medium sized business owners end up spending a lot of time & money on HR Admin Functions that that prevent them from focusing on their core business activities. At times large organizations also find it easier and cost effective to outsource certain HR activities to professionals so they can focus on more strategic HR functions.

Organizations have two options for operating their HR function. The first is running the operations through an in-house resource which is usually expensive in the long run and there is limited expertise available. The second option is to outsource HR to a professional HR outsourcing firm. One of the major benefits of outsourcing HR to an external HR services provider is cost saving and professional services. The breadth of knowledge, expertise & technology brought in by a professional HR outsourcing firm cannot be matched by in-house resources. HR outsourcing can help in creating a consistent service delivery and a great employee experience if done through a professional firm.

We understand the need for HR Outsourcing for any organization that wants to maintain its competitive advantage and compete in the market. this is the reason that we bring this service to your reach. Here, we provide HR support and HR system with our professionals at their highest efforts. Our professionals work day and night tirelessly to provide their best service at your reach. Outsourcing external HR must be a headache to many organizations; however, it is easier now with our services.

Tuscan Consulting has over a decade of experience in managing human resources. We act as an extended arm of your HR function & professionally manage complete HR responsibilities. Your business can focus on doing what it does best whilst we take care of your people. We have a carefully selected team of HR Service Partners with industry and consulting experience to help organizations in navigating through any HR issues. Our vast experience in setting up HR departments helps clients to seamlessly manage HR. We assist organizations in HR compliance, HR Technology & employee services using our HR expertise.

Professional HR support services for businessess in all levels of growth:

Dedicated Team of HR Services Partners

We provide dedicated HR Service Partners who are qualified and experienced to run your HR operations. We have inhouse capacity to manage services over 10,000 employee. We conduct a robust process to assess and carefully select HR professionals who are trained to run HR operations for our clients. Our dedicated HR Service Partners are backed with the knowledge and resources from our firm.

Access to Cloud HRMS Software

We have designed a robust HRMS Software that helps in managing the entire employee life cycle digitally from hire to retire. Our HRMS software using latest technology and is built for compliance, speed and security. Still using excel sheets and pivot tables to keep employeee records? Swith to our HRMS software and automate your HR operations in 2 weeks.

Telephonic & Onsite Support Options

Our team of HR Service Partners is dedicated and professional. Our typical hiring and recruiting, and training departments explain why it is important for us to hire only professional team members and consultants. Serving our customers with professional consultants is our ultimate goal.

Enhancing employment contracts

There are multiple types of employment contracts which are critial from a compliance point. Hence, it is now be our responsibility to take care of all permanent, fixed-term, and casual employment contracts. We will further assist you to make excellent relations with your employees.

Legal Compliance

Operating with compliant policies, procedures and processes is an essential part of the business. Policies and Procedures are the building blocks of a successful organization. The importance of HR Policies is emphasized and followed by each one of us. To manage employees with the help of HR Policies is not less than a challenge to the higher management. But with us in control, you won’t have to sweat it. A handbook along with HR Policies that is complaint with the law will be designed by our team of experts and incorporated in the digitized system to make work more permissive.

Talent Acuisition

The recruit process can get chaotic when it’s not handled the right way, thus introducing our HRMS Software with a recruitment tracking feature, our software has the calibre to make your recruitment process simple and easy with new techniques and strategies.

Hiring and Onboarding

To hire and onboard employees can be a time consuming, with the investment that is made towards the function, organization expect it to be handled in an efficient and effective manner. Tuscan offers you this service ensuring to work on it like we invested.

Time and Attendance

Collecting and compiling data or correcting it to link or process payroll is tedious, a well-designed time and attendance management system is the key to it. Fewer chances of errors, easy and accessible data with our professionals handling all the operational background work.

Payroll Processing

Are you tired of carrying out payroll processes? We understand how it feels like when you have the burden of a lot of work pending and you’re still busy managing payrolls. Do not worry! Managing payroll processes is one of our expertise. We provide support in simplifying payroll processes and ultimately reduce human errors with our professional software and HR consultants. OUr trained HR Service Partners & digital HR & Payroll Software is equipped to manage your payroll in the most effective form to eliminate error.

Training and Development

The budgets are checked twice when it comes to training and development in an organization. Although these are essential for both new and old employees the efforts involved in making this successful is not just hectic but also time-consuming while expecting good results to ensure value for money invested. Research has it, training your employees the right way and building their skill is only profitable to the organization, with excellent support from our system and team this process is now easier than ever.

Performance Management

The tedious job of monitoring performance had never been made so simple before as it is today, our experts reminisce on the days the manually handled this process, we can vouch their ability to handle this with a competent software that can help with performance monitoring, recording, improving, training, and outcomes for your Performance Management Process.

PRO Services

If your business is new, medium, or already established the importance of a Public Relations Officer has been explained well to you. With fast, easy, and smooth processing of documents to handling compliance related paperwork we handle it for you at every step.

HR Analytics & HR Dashboard

Our clients are satisfied with the service we offer when it comes to Analytics and Dashboards with expertise in tracking, reporting, and analysing from attendance to performance and the KPI’s of employees. It has now become even more competent with interactive dashboards to make your experience even better!

Why Outsource to Tuscan consulting?

  • Saving HR costs is the biggest benefit that you can now achieve through our services. With the help of our consultants, you will be able to save more than 60% on your HR costs and be legally compliant.
  • Tired of managing contracts with outsourced HR companies? Don’t worry! We understand the struggle and hectic processes of managing contracts on monthly basis. It is our ultimate duty to avoid setup costs and monthly rolling contracts.
  • You can now manage and deal with HR issues with the help of the practical advice from HR experts at a fraction of the cost.
  • For your assistance, we create and develop professional handbooks and employment contracts that help reduce further errors in carrying out HR policies.
  • Managing the attendance of employees must be very crucial. However, we must handle all the data about employee’s presence, absence, and personal leaves.

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