Assessments – Psychometric, Leadership & Technical

Tuscan Consulting has certified assessors to help clients conduct employee assessments during recruitment, employee development, leadership development, succession planning and organizational change and restructure. We help our clients predict high performance and potential using cutting edge assessment technology and reporting tools.

We provide a range of assessments including psychometric / personality, cognitive, managerial and leadership and technical / skill-based tests. Our assessment services are business focused with bespoke tests for sales, customer service, operations and technical roles.

If you are looking to align your people skills and competencies to your business strategy than we have the right solutions from defining competencies, assessing talent, finding gaps in employee capabilities and developing and implementing learning & development plans.

Talent can be a strategic differentiator, so we partner with clients in their journey, where we enable organizations to attract, develop and retain the top talent for a rapidly transforming business environment. Our valid and reliable assessment approach provides organizations with objective data on an individual’s likelihood of success.

What We Offer

Talent Insights

Tuscan Consulting has consultants who are certified, and experienced in the industry, bringing together a balance of Occupational Psychologists and Human Resources Generalists. We offer:

  • Assessment and Development Centres
  • One on One Executive Assessments for Talent Acquisition or Leadership Development
  • First Time Manager Assessments
  • 360-degree Assessment and Feedback

Talent Development

We work with clients to define, assess, and develop talent. To achieve the business objectives, we offer talent development solutions that are custom designed, based on data and insights available, and align with these objectives. We offer:

  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Leadership Development Handbook
  • Executive Coaching

Talent Strategy

To successfully address the client’s business challenges we help our clients to develop their leadership capacities and capabilities. We offer:

  • Defining Leadership Development Strategy
  • Identifying Leadership Competencies and Technical Capabilities
  • Designing Succession Frameworks

Our assessment services are business-focused with bespoke tests for sales, customer service, operations, technical and managerial roles. We help our clients predict high performance and potential using cutting-edge assessment technology.
We provide a range of blended assessments including

  • Virtual Assessments
  • Psychometric or personality questionnaires
  • Cognitive Tests
  • Ability Tests
  • Managerial and leadership
  • Simulations such as Case Study, In-Tray, Role Play, Group Exercise
  • Technical or skill-based tests
  • Competency-Based Interviews

The Benefits of a Blended Programme

The organization saves time: The participant in a blended assessment program needs to leave his workplace only one-half day.

The participant saves time: External candidates have to only take half a day off. Because the program is digitally optimized, the participant may schedule his/her assessment partially in a place and time-independent way.

Context Rich: The Tuscan Assessment Simulations are sector-specific. We have simulation contexts in a private company, but also a government and healthcare institution. A participant easily feels at ease in the context, which guarantees a better evaluation.

Relational: An assessment center must contain sufficient space for dialogue. The participant is given ample opportunity for conversation, reflection, and feedback.

If you are looking to

✓ Align people skills & competencies to business strategy
✓ Predict High Performance & Potential
✓ Hire talent with the right skills & attitudes
✓ Accelerate leadership development
✓ Find Gaps in employee capabilities
✓ Develop and implement learning & development plans

We are the right choice for you.

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